Qualities of A Good Driver

Truck drivers enjoy a life on the open road, free to be alone with their thoughts, and see the countryside. Truck driving is a career with a high turnover rate, however, and to be successful in this demanding field, at Truck Driver Academy, you should have:

A Sense of Responsibility: A truck driver should have a good sense of responsibility and adhere to safety requirements when driving, be courteous to clients, and treat goods with care.

Alertnes: A truck driver must be alert at all times and able to be responsive to the road and driving conditions. They must ensure they are well-rested and able to handle the task at hand.

An Ability to Work Independently: A truck driver often spends long stretches of time driving alone and therefore must be able to handle being alone and having sole responsibility for the truck and the goods it transports.

An Impeccable Driving Record: A truck driver must have an excellent driving record to provide the trucking company assurances of safety for all drivers, vehicles, and freight. Good drivers are also cheaper to insure and keep costs of vehicle operation down.

Customer Service Skills: A truck driver must have excellent customer service skills when dealing with clients who are either shipping or receiving freight carried in the truck.

Knowledge of Truck Mechanics: A truck driver should have basic knowledge of how a truck operates and be able to perform repairs as necessary, such as changing a tire.

Maintenance Skills: A truck driver should be able to perform maintenance tasks that help ensure the truck meets compliance and other safety standards.

Physical Stamina: A truck driver should have good physical stamina for the loading and unloading of freight as well as for the long drives a trip involves.

Stress Management Skills: A truck driver should be able to easily manage stress, as the occupation is one that can be highly stressful for drivers. They should understand the burden a truck driving career can extend to a family, as well as the physical taxation it involves.

Timeliness: A truck driver should ensure they consistently make all pick-ups and deliveries on-time.

We’ll se you on the road!