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New CDL Requirements 2022: What To Keep An Eye On

As of February 7, 2022, the new federal Entry-Level Driver Training (ETDT) requirements for commercial driver’s license (CDL) applicants were officially implemented by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The new CDL laws in 2022 affect commercial drivers in several ways, however, they most notably affect entry-level drivers by adding new training qualifications. Entry-Level Driver Training must now be conducted by a registered training provider specifically listed on the federal Training Provider Registry.

The successful completion of Entry-Level Driver Training through a registered training provider is required on or after February 7, 2022, for applicants who are either:

  • Obtaining an original CDL (Class A or B)
  • Upgrading an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL
  • Obtaining a School Bus (S), Passenger (P), or Hazardous Materials (H) endorsement

Training providers will also be required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and will need to have the capability to electronically submit a driver’s certification when training is successfully completed.

In addition to the new federal CDL requirements in 2022, when applying for an original CDL (Class A or B) in California, applicants are now required to complete at least 15 hours of behind-the-wheel training and submit a California Commercial Driver Behind The Wheel Training Certification (DL 1236) to the DMV as proof of completion prior to the issuance of their CDL.

Note that the new ELDT regulations are not retroactive. CDL applicants who have received their commercial learner’s permit (CLP) before February 7, 2022 will not need to complete the new federal training requirements unless they are upgrading to a higher class or adding a new qualifying endorsement.

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