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5 Signs You’re Ready for Life as a Truck Driver

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5 Signs You’re Ready for Life as a Truck Driver

With so many career options to chose from, it can be difficult to find your path. Each field of work has its own rewards and challenges so it is important to understand each profession you are considering. If you are reading this, chances are you have asked yourself “should I be a truck driver”. And we love that! The industry is not meant for everyone but if it’s right for you, there is much to look forward to.

There are many great reasons to be a truck driver and it’s also important to understand the life of a truck driver if you think it’s for you. From years of truck driving and training future truck drivers, we have found a few signs to know if the truck driver lifestyle is for you. If these signs apply to you, you may just be ready for life as a truck driver.

Signs You’re Meant for Life as a Truck Driver

1. You Have a Desire to Travel

One of the great perks of over the road or OTR trucker lifestyle is the ability to travel and see the country. You’ll have the chance to see sunrises and sunsets most people only dream about. The interesting people along the road will keep you guessing and coming back for more. If you have an interest in traveling, as a truck driver you get to not only travel but get paid to travel. Hard to beat that!

2. You Like to Work Alone

Chances are you have had to do a group project at some point in your life. This could have been in school or a home repair with friends or family. Trucking requires working well with others from time to time however most of your time will be alone in the cabin. This time alone is a great time to listen to music, talk radio, sports, podcasts or be free of the noise. This part of the lifestyle can be challenging for some so make sure you are comfortable with being alone.

3. You Want A Career Path With Earning Potential

We recently wrote about the future of truck driving jobs and if you are looking for a career with earning potential, you are in the right place. There is an immediate need for truck drivers now and in the years to come. There is no reason you cannot make $45,000 your first year in addition to potential bonuses in your first year. And with shortages, that figure will only increase. The industry is also expecting an even greater need for drivers as many current drivers are getting closer to retirement. The career as a truck driver has a stable earning potential with growth on the horizon.

4. You Crave Variety in Your Life

Perhaps you have heard a friend or family member talk about Sunday Scaries? This newer term refers to the anxiety people feel when thinking about going into work on Monday. Most people who feel this way go to the same office, to the same desk to complete the same tasks each week with little or no change. That doesn’t sound like living to us either. Part of the trucker lifestyle is having some variety each day. It could be to a new part of the country today or meeting new people tomorrow. As an OTR truck driver, variety is as much a part of the lifestyle as anything else.

5. You Need to Have an Impact

Where would the nation be without truck drivers? Our service allows for the flow of goods all over the country. Companies, small businesses, farmers, and families all rely on getting the food or parts they need when they need them so they can do what they need to do. Truck drivers allow that to happen every single day.


Trucking isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay! We love what we do and having fellow truckers who enjoy the lifestyle as much as we do makes things better for everyone. If you read these signs and think “hey this is me” send us a message! We would love to help you down your journey to this exciting career and field of work.