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10 Must-Have Truck Driver Accessories

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10 Must-Have Truck Driver Accessories

Drive Comfortably with Truck Driver Accessories

Truck driver accessories are essential in making the cab of the truck yours and having a safe journey. Being comfortable will make the long drives more relaxing and keeping yourself safe will ensure smooth sailing. And a few semi-truck driver accessories will go a long way!

Although you may be confined to the cab of your truck, you can make your own and make it comfortable. Even if you have multiple semi-trucks you drive, you will be able to easily take these professional truck driver accessories with you and get cozy with any cab. From setting up a TV for your semi-truck (when safe) to all the must-have semi-truck driver accessories, we have you covered.

Professional Truck Driver Accessories

Before you start your job, it is vital to make sure you are taking care of yourself first. You will be more prepared, comfortable, and attentive on the road if you have these professional truck driver accessories with you. Here are a few things truck drivers need on the road:

  1. Sunglasses
    1. Protect your eyes from harsh glare and the powerful UV rays. Go for sunglasses with polarized lenses to prevent fatigue, eye strain, and headaches while you’re on the road. We recommend getting an extra pair – just in case!
  2. Leatherwork gloves
    1. You will be gripping the wheel the entire workday, so be sure to keep your hands comfortable. We suggest buying a pair of leather ones because of durability and comfortability. Leather will keep your hands clean and safe from cuts.
  3. Toiletry bag
    1. Keeping with the leather theme, getting a leather toiletry bag will keep your belongings safe and you won’t have to worry about it fumbling around in the cab. Stuff it with your necessities and some first aid kit items.
  4. Mattress and bedding
    1. Transform your cab into your den. Taking a break and getting some rest with your mattress and bedding will make your sleep.

TV for Semi-Trucks

We know what you may be thinking: a TV for my semi-truck? Safety is the number one concern when you are driving, but when you aren’t operating your big rig, we recommend getting some tube time in.

  1. TV for Semi -Trucks
    1. It’s important, when safe of course, to entertain yourself and watch something other than the road; invest in a TV for your semi-truck, you deserve it. Zone out and get out of your head and escape in your favorite show. Splurge on an over the air digital television antenna and maybe a video game console. 

Accessories for Semi-Truck Drivers

The following truck driver accessories also fall in line with the self-care items and dare we call them, truck driver must-haves. We’d like to call these OTR trucker supplies as these are essential in providing truck drivers with the comfort they need for those long drives. Stowing these accessories in the truck will be a big help on the road.

  1. Electric Blanket
    1. An electric blanket is another big rig truck accessory that you won’t regret. Nights get chilly and lonely on the road. Warm-up and get comfy with an electric blanket to give you that by-the-fire feel.
  2. Seat Cushion
    1. Finding a seat cushion that works for you will not only make sitting more comfortable, but it could save your back.

Interior Semi-Truck Accessories

The semi-truck interior accessories below will keep you and your big rig safe and prepared on the road.

  1. Windshield Cell Phone Mount
    1. A windshield cell phone mount helps take calls and read directions if you use your phone for navigation. Getting one that can secure to the windshield is more reliable. Having the phone in your line of sight will keep you safe and focused on the road.
  2. 12 Volt USB outlet charger
    1. Keep your devices charged throughout the trip with a handy USB outlet. The 12 Volt chargers typically come with a fuse, which will allow you to charge without worrying about busting a fuse in the semi-truck.
  3. Semi-Truck Gauges
    1. When you are on the road for hours at a time, you rely on your gauges to make sure your big rig is in optimal driving condition. Track fuel economy, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and more with these gauges.

Semi-Truck Appliances

Semi-truck appliances are items that are often looked over on the long hauls. These food-related appliances will help maintain your health and make your meals easily accessible and convenient.

  1. Slow cooker
    1. Eating a healthy and filling meal can be challenging on the road. With a slow cooker, you will be able to cook while you drive and have healthful meals.
  2. Mini Fridge
    1. Drinking ice-cold water or your favorite beverage safe for the road will make the ride more enjoyable. Also, you can stash healthy foods like fruits and vegetables next to your slow cooker leftovers.

Paired with our truck driving tips, these truck driver accessories you’ll be set and ready to take on the road.