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Why Veterans Make Great CDL Truck Drivers

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Why Veterans Make Great CDL Truck Drivers

Anyone can flourish in a career as a CDL truck driver, but some people find that they have a special skill for it off the bat. Because of the skills that they’ve gained throughout their careers in the military, truck driving jobs for military veterans are highly sought-after. And as the trucking industry grows, so does the demand for both male and female veteran truck drivers.

The Benefits of Truck Driving Jobs for Military Veterans

Trucking jobs provide several benefits. One of the most enticing for military veterans is the flexibility with hours. After being away from their family for so long, veteran truck drivers will be able to enjoy weekends, nights, or just days at a time to spend with them. All truckers also have the opportunity to bring their family or pets along for the ride, which your kids, in particular, will love.

While you will have a lot of time to be with your family, truck driving jobs for military veterans also give drivers a chance to explore some of the most beautiful parts of our country; snow-topped mountains, major cities, and even the famous Iowa 80 mega truck stop.

CDL jobs for veterans are ideal because they tend to have salaries that are quite high. Most trucking companies provide sign-on bonuses, job security, and multiple different benefits. They also provide many opportunities to advance in the trucking career. Of all the jobs to pursue after your time in the military, CDL jobs for veterans are one of the best for both you and your family.


Besides the undeniable benefits that a career in truck driving could provide for a military veteran, there is also another important aspect to it. The mass transportation of goods throughout our country is a vital aspect of our economy as a whole. Without all of our drivers, this couldn’t be possible. So in a similar way that our country depends on our military for security and protection, we also depend on truck drivers to keep our economy afloat. It’s a good feeling to know that you play an important part in the functionality of this entire country.

Why Companies Are Looking For Veteran Truck Drivers

A veteran’s experience in the military has taught them valuable lessons and skills that apply to both their personal lives and their professional lives. A veteran trucking company recognizes the dedication, work ethic, and hard-working attitude that is necessary for any truck driver to succeed. Years of military service have given our veterans a mental and physical strength that is necessary for trucking, especially long-haul truckers. Some drivers have to spend days on the road (although there are limits to how long a driver can go without a break) and their endurance will allow them to stay focused and alert while driving. Additionally, veteran trucking companies are actively looking for female truck drivers and provide them with a lot of opportunities to succeed and grow.

Truck Driver Academy is so grateful for the service that you have provided to our country and would like to take this time to thank you! We welcome both experienced veteran truck drivers and military veterans looking to get their CDL to come work with us.