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5 Truck Driver Blogs That Every Trucker Should Follow

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5 Truck Driver Blogs That Every Trucker Should Follow

The truck driving industry can be a lucrative, exciting, but tedious way to make good money and see the country. There will be a lot of cool destinations, but to get there could mean a 17-hour drive. Some people enjoy this because it keeps them on their toes. Others might not be able to physically and mental withstand long periods of driving and waiting.

So, whether you’re new to the industry or just looking to keep up to date on the current events in the trucking world, truck driver blogs can be both entertaining and educational. There are quite a few truck driver blogs, each with unique topics and points of view. Whatever your preference, from team trucking blogs to industry trends, you’ll be able to find the perfect article from some of the best trucking blogs we’ve seen:


This international company covers the transportation industry, but they also work with everything from chemicals and food, to manufacturing and trucking. Their truck driving blog focuses on the technical side of the industry, writing posts mostly on industry and weather updates, new regulations, and current events.

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Armada Trucking Group

Armada Trucking Group has a truck driver blog cater-made for new drivers in the industry. They talk about all the need-to-knows for newbies, such as laws and customs. They’ve been known to post about exciting and light-hearted things, like quick vacations or the future of trucking. It’s a great way to get people excited about their new career!

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Smart Trucking

Smart Trucking runs a truck driving blog that entertains both new and experienced truckers. They post everything from job openings and industry advice to a variety of truck driving guides and photo collections. Their truck driving website acts as a sort of crash-course and informational guide that people from all corners of the trucking industry can benefit from.

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Trailer Talk

Trailer Talk is unique in the sense that Tom Berg, the writer behind it, is a journalist who is writing about the trucking industry. He uses humor and entertaining language to talk about current events and topics of interest in the trucking industry, however, he never actually worked as a trucker. This could be interesting because you get to see the perspective of someone outside of the truck driving career and their opinion on trucking-related topics. For the third and final

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Platinum Drivers

Platinum Drivers posts a variety of relatable and informational blogs about the trucking industry. They are a truck driving school and placement agency, so they know what they’re talking about. They also know what people want to hear. Their truck driving blog features enjoyable and light-hearted content with tips to make driving more enjoyable, advice on the industry, and the customs and expectations of truck drivers.

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There’s a certain comradery in this industry that gets people excited about working and meeting other truck drivers. Some drivers might consider their job a very big part of their life, even a hobby. There are also a lot of people who don’t even work as drivers but enjoy reading about the lifestyle.

At the end of the day, even though the job has long hours and can be both physically and mentally exhausting, it is still rather exciting. It takes skill and focus to operate such a large vehicle, salaries can get high up there, and many truck drivers to make a genuine effort to make small stops to see the country. I can see why that would be an appealing lifestyle.

So whether you be looking to get into the industry, are currently working as a truck driver, or just want to read about a particular but interesting subject, reading the best trucker blogs and forums will always be a good way to spend your time. 

If you’re not yet a licensed truck driver and reading this article has peaked your interest, then why not consider enrolling in truck driver training? Contact Truck Driver Academy to learn about how you can start your journey on the road today!