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Worried About Passing Your CDL Exam?

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Worried About Passing Your CDL Exam?

Getting your Commercial Drivers License (CDL) can seem like a daunting task. Before beginning CDL courses, or applying in the first place, people wonder, “is getting your CDL license hard?” Well, like any exam of this nature, the test can be difficult for some. However, with the right preparation, the exam can be a breeze. Truck Driver Academy has dealt with this a lot and so we would like to share with you our tips on how to pass the CDL skills test

How Long Is A CDL Test?

Let’s start with the basics. How long is a CDL test?

The standard CDL test is comprised of 50 questions with a timed one hour for completion. The questions asked will be everything that you’ve trained on and studied in your CDL course. Whether you’re applying for a Class A, B, or C license, you’ll have to take a ‘general knowledge’ written exam. In its entirety, you’ll be tested on your knowledge of everything from the proper procedure for transporting cargo to actually driving different kinds of commercial trucks. 

Resources For How To Pass The CDL Skills Test

At Truck Driver Academy, we do everything we can to make sure our students are ready for the CDL test. If the team feels like a student needs more practice for a certain area, we will go over it with them until they feel confident in their skills. However, if you ever want additional help, you can also bring it up to your instructor yourself.

Our 160-hour course at TDA includes teaching the ins and outs of the entire vehicle. Each student will also have on-the-road classes, where they’re taught how to fully operate and manage the vehicle. A healthy balance between in-class and on-the-field training is important for a complete understanding of both commercial truck driving and the industry as a whole. 

Students will also be given a manual and other helpful study materials at the beginning of their course. Actively studying the manual is a great way to retain information and prepare for the test.

CDL Driving Tips For Taking The Exam

A lot of people choke up under pressure, and this exam is no exception. The good thing is, as long as you’ve had the right training and genuinely understand the specifics of truck driving, you will be fine. The most important thing to do before the driving portion is to just take a deep breath. Concentrate on the task at hand, but don’t overthink it. You’ve done this a million times and already know what to do so give yourself some credit and just do your thing.

Is Getting Your CDL License Hard?

In one way, yes, it will be difficult to get your CDL license. This is because the complexity of driving such large vehicles and having to start with the basics. On the other hand, if you put in hard work, time, and effort, you will pass the exam with flying colors. Getting your CDL license is a major accomplishment but the end result, working as a CDL truck driver, will make it all worth it. And Trucker Driver Academy is your road to success.