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4276 Elton St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706 | 909-201-7600 or 626-852-2000 ( Se Habla Español ) 

Fundamentals of CDL Training

Truck Driver Academy focuses on the driver education and safety. Our CDL training in California involves one-on-one training in both English and Spanish. Our students have the flexibility in selecting their training hours. On the first day of our CDL training, students get behind the wheel with experienced professional instructors.

The Truck Driver Academy CDL training course includes invoice, full inspection of the vehicle and its systems, inside and out. Our CDL classes also consists of:

  • Vehicle overview: any obvious problems or concerns
  • Engine compartment: leaks, hoses, oil, coolant, fluids, and belts. On those areas that are not belt driven, you must point this out to the examiner and explain why belts aren’t needed
  • Cab: gauges, mirrors, seat belts, steering, and emergency equipment
  • External equipment: brakes, reflectors, shocks, mounts, tie-downs, and more
  • Other external equipment: fuel tanks, exhaust, drive shafts, doors, ties, couplings, catwalks, latches, kingpin, and other safety equipment
  • Trailer and connections, sides and tires, wheels

Truck Driver Academy is rated highest among class a CDL training courses in California because of our comprehensive classes. We teach our students in the classroom, out on the road, and we give our students the tools to maintain their trucks, career and license. We provide individual and personal attention every step of the way.

Our truck driver training prepares our students to pass the CDL exam to get on with a career in commercial truck driving. Contact Truck Driver Academy today and start your CDL training!