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Truck Driving Tips and Tricks

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Truck Driving Tips and Tricks

Truck driving isn’t for everyone. But some people love trucking and it is commonly known as a unique and satisfying job.

Driving through the desert or mountains allows you to see the quiet, real parts of our country. The open road can be peaceful, and the solitude that comes with driving can be nice. You would be surprised how much you can learn about yourself when driving alone for long periods.

There’s no denying that the drives can be painfully boring. Driving a massive semi can be dangerous too, especially in certain road conditions. So what can you do to push through this and make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible? Let’s take a look at our trucking tips and tricks.

Drive Safe

This seems obvious, but we need to mention it because it is quite possibly the most important truck driving tip. When you’re driving a massive truck, speeding or even just going a bit into another lane can be extremely dangerous for you and everyone else on the road.

If you see a road obstruction, such as an animal or something that fell out of another car, stay calm and come to a slow stop if you can. As much as we love animals and might want to protect our car, swerving into another lane can cause an accident and put everyone else on the road at risk.

Be Active In Your Off Time

Newbie truck drivers will immediately feel the discomfort of sitting for long periods. Long drives can sometimes mean sitting down for fifty hours over only a few days. This puts a lot of stress on your body and can be known to cause heart disease and increase the chances of developing ailments like diabetes.

A great way to anticipate and to recover from the long ride is to exercise as often as you can. Whether it means taking a walk while you’re waiting at the loading dock or hitting the gym on your off day, even that little bit of exercise will keep your body healthy and strong.

Get A Good Reputation

Maintaining a good reputation in the trucking industry could mean a pay raise, opportunities at other companies, and better driving routes. These truck driving tips are especially important for newbie truck drivers who are wanting to make a good impression.

We recommend always agreeing to pick up loads and to offer driving routes that others don’t want. Be on time, befriend your dispatcher, study the history and practices of the company you work for, and make sure you take the safety guidelines seriously. Try to even familiarize yourself with other truckers or companies in the industry.

You want your actions to show that you are dedicated to the job and determined to be a hard worker.

Pay Attention

One of the most important things to do while driving is to paying attention to the road and surroundings. It can be easy to let your mind wander. All cars are weapons, and the bigger they are, the more dangerous they are. Remember to use extra caution when you’re driving in dangerous road conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice. One of the biggest threats to you being alert and driving safely is fatigue. Now let’s talk about how to stay awake while driving long distances.

Staying Awake

Knowing how to stay awake while driving long distances is extremely important. It’s something that every truck driver has to master. Being drowsy while driving can put you at risk of an accident or making a dangerous mistake. It’s important to be fully alert when you’re driving so that you can give the job your full attention. 

These are some of our tips and tricks on how to stay awake while driving long distances:

  • Get plenty of sleep before you set off
  • Crank up the air conditioning or let the window down
  • Blast some exciting and upbeat music
  • Keep yourself entertained by listening to a podcast or an audiobook
  • Stay hydrated
  • Call a friend or a family member and be engaged in a conversation

Keep Your Truck Clean

Your truck is your sanctuary. You’ll spend hours and days in it; it’ll be like your second home. That’s why it’s so important to keep it nice and clean.

Trash can build up and it can be too easy to ignore all the extra coffee cups and food wrappers. Our truck driving tips in this situation would be to always keep a small trash bag handy, periodically wipe it down with disinfectant wipes, get into the habit of picking up your trash, and investing in an air purifier. You don’t want to feel like you’re sitting in a dumpster. You’ll want to feel clean and relaxed as much as you can.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

You can’t be expected to know everything, and there’s a lot you need to know in this industry. If you’re not certain about a task you’ve been assigned or what’s expected of you, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. If you’re uncomfortable asking your superior, try asking a fellow truck driver or even looking online for a truck driver forum.

We want to be good at our jobs. We want to love what we do. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with that feeling. So even if your a newbie truck driver or have been driving for twenty years, you can always get some help from a few trucking tips and tricks.

If you need more information regarding truck driving, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff here at Truck Driver Academy. For those of you who are interested in a job that takes you on frequent road trip adventures, then consider taking our CDL classes today!