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Best Scenic Truck Driving Routes

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Best Scenic Truck Driving Routes

One of the best parts of driving a truck is getting to see beautiful parts of the country that most people never see. Whether you’re driving up the coast of California, through the fall foliage in the Northeast, or somewhere in between, some of the most scenic drives in America are ones that you can take while on a haul.

While most drivers are often concerned with where they will stop and optimizing their route, sometimes things line up perfectly and your most optimal route is on one of America’s most scenic drives. If you’re going to be spending the day in your truck anyway, might as well have something nice to look at! Check out our list below of some of the most scenic routes in America so that you know where to head if you want beautiful scenery during your next haul.

Highway 101 up the California Coast

One of the most iconic routes on our list of the most scenic drives in the U.S. is going north on Highway 101 alongside the coast of California. Whether you’re on a long haul trip or just a regional short haul, Highway 101 is a great route to see some amazing scenery.

While there are gorgeous sections throughout the route, the section around Big Sur is pretty spectacular. The coastline during that part of the drive is unforgettable and will definitely help to take your mind off of the hours you’ve been on the road.

Highway 101 continues up through Northern California, then through Oregon, and finally through majority of Washington. People often note Big Sur or Monterey as being some of the most beautiful parts of Highway 101, but the scenery in both Oregon and Washington come in as a close second. The entire route, in fact, is worth the drive, which is why Highway 101 tops our list of most beautiful scenic drives in America.

Seward Highway in Alaska

If you ever get the chance to drive in Alaska, this is the route you want. The entire state of Alaska is filled with beauty – there’s really nowhere you can drive that isn’t going to offer great scenery. However, the drive from Anchorage to Seward is like no other.

Designated as a National Forest Scenic Byway, Seward Highway offers an unending list of beautiful sights to see. From glaciers to alpine valleys, the scenery is breathtaking. Plus, if you have any flexibility on your route, there is tons of wildlife you can see and top-notch fishing you can do. Truly an unforgettable route if you have the chance to drive it.

Montana Highway 200

The Montana Highway 200 covers the entire state of Montana. It is also connected to a chain of highways through Idaho, North Dakota, and Minnesota that are all numbered 200. This route can have dangerous driving conditions, so it’s important to stay alert and up-to-date on the most current conditions when traveling this route.

What makes this highway worth driving is the proximity to beautiful rivers. As you make your way along Montana Highway 200, you are often driving alongside a number of different rivers throughout your route. The beauty of these rivers is highlighted by the gorgeous Montana countryside and wildlife that surrounds them.

Highway 70 through Utah and Colorado

You can’t have a list of the most scenic drives in America without mentioning Utah and Colorado. While the scenery in each state can be wildly different, both are arguably some of the most beautiful landscapes in the U.S.

In the Utah portion of I-70, you will see rock formations and desert scenery like you’ve never seen before. While Moab might not be the most ideal spot to stop with your truck, driving by will allow you to see some truly unique landscapes. If you do need to stop, Green River is likely an ideal place to do so, and is just as beautiful.

Once you venture into Colorado, you’ll slowly start to notice the scenery changing. As you start to drive through the Rockies, you will encounter breathtaking mountain views. Be mindful of road conditions, though, as snow and ice are common starting in November (sometimes earlier). 

Interstate 77 in West Virginia

Since all the routes above are mainly on the west coast or relatively close, we figured it’s time to venture over to the east coast. There are tons of routes on the east coast that could be considered some of the most scenic drives in the U.S., but I-77 is a top pick, specifically in West Virginia.

The best time to drive this route is in the fall when the trees are glowing with their autumn leaves. The fall foliage provides a beautiful distraction during your long haul. Plus there are a number of historic bridges you’ll cross that are a sight to behold as well. 

So as you travel across the country on your next long haul, take an extra second to see if there are any scenic routes worth traveling on. You’ll come to find out that the beautiful scenery is well worth the drive.