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Best Truck Driver Apps in 2020

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Best Truck Driver Apps in 2020

As every truck driver knows, life on the road can be tough. Luckily, in the age of technology, there are now tons of free truck driver apps (and some paid) that help make it easier for truck drivers to do their jobs. From traffic and weather updates to locating gas and weigh stations, there’s a truck driver app available to help make life on the road just a little less complicated.

Check out our list of the best apps for truck drivers in 2020, and make sure you have these downloaded before your next trip.

Trucker Path

There’s a reason this app is one of the most popular amongst the truck driver community. In addition to displaying truck stops with info and reviews, this app also shows you nearby weigh stations, parking, fuel prices, and more. Plus, there are tons of other features, like navigation and the trip planner, that make it a one-stop-shop for nearly everything you need while on the ride.


TruckSmart is another all-in-one app that helps you with a lot of different things you’ll need while on the road – food, truck services, parking, and more. This app also allows you to reserve a shower straight from the app. The convenience is key after a long day on the road.

Truck Bubba

When searching for the best Android apps for truck drivers, don’t forget to check out Truck Bubba. While it doesn’t have as many features as the apps listed above, it’s a helpful app in the three areas it does offer: truck stops, weigh stations, and trip planning/GPS.


This app is not specific to the trucking industry, but it’s certainly useful for all truck drivers. GasBuddy shows you the cheapest gas wherever you are. So you not only get the location of gas stations near you, but you also get to compare prices and see where you can save the most. They also offer a rewards program where you can get GasBack if you shop at participating partners.


BigRoad makes it easy to keep accurate daily logs that are inspection-ready. It’s an important part of life as a truck driver, and this app makes it much easier to complete your logs by taking the guesswork out of the logging process. The downside to this app is that it does require a monthly fee. Along with the app, though, you do get the DashLink product that automatically creates logs and inspection-ready reports.

Weather Channel

Another app that isn’t truck driver-specific but is especially useful on the road is the Weather Channel app. Get up-to-date weather conditions or look ahead two weeks in advance. While it doesn’t give you road conditions, you can at least have an idea of the type of weather you need to prepare for.

FleetSafer Mobile

This is one of the best apps for truck drivers out there because it is focused on keeping the driver safe. The app will automatically detect when driving has started and put the driver’s phone into “Safe Mode”. This helps the driver to steer clear of text or call distractions and stay compliant with corporate safe driving policies.

Trucker Tools

This app has a lot of features that many of the all-in-one apps listed above, but the main difference with this app is that it’s free to view and book loads straight from the app. Trucker Tools boasts a private network of premium loads from preferred brokers which can help you save time and money while booking your next load.


Life on the road can get lonely and being away from your family can take a toll. Stay connected with family and friends with video calls from Skype. It can help to keep spirits high and get you motivated to keep moving through your trip.

CoPilot Truck

This GPS app gives you peace of mind knowing that they are guiding you on the safest route, taking into account low bridges and truck-restricted roads. It also helps to find you the most efficient route so that you can make your deliveries on time and stay safe while doing so.


When it comes to finding the right truck driver app, there’s a long list of available apps to choose from. So try one out, and if you don’t like it there’s plenty more to download and test out. From free to paid trucking apps and all-in-one to specialized trucking apps, there’s an app out there that will make your life on the road much easier. Just remember, stay safe out there and keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone.