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Best Trucking Boards & Job Sites for Truck Drivers

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Best Trucking Boards & Job Sites for Truck Drivers

The truck driving industry is currently seeing a substantial shortage of drivers due to various reasons, ranging from wages to working conditions to other common issues. In a time when attracting new talent is imperative, one strategic way that companies are seeking out new drivers is through posting on trucking job boards. Several websites are competing for the title of best site for trucking jobs, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list them all below. Read on to see which are the best truck driver recruiting websites for companies to post and for drivers to find jobs.

Trucking Specific Job Boards

These three trucking boards are free for companies to advertise their job openings. They are also notorious for receiving high traffic from job seekers, making them the opportune spot for companies to post their listings. Here are some key details about each: stands out above the rest because it allows truck drivers and truck driving companies to create profiles, which creates an opportunity for drivers and companies to connect. Another key differentiator is that this trucking job board is connected to CareGuide, making it easy to spread your job posting to specialty websites across the industry. allows companies to advertise 20 job opportunities at a time. Users have shared that the website has an easy application process. However, job posts are only posted on the TruckDriverJobs411 site and not shared with others. It’s important to note that they also do not have a profile database. is home to over 5 million trucking jobs on their websites. Their trucking job board is user-friendly, but, similar to TruckDriverJobs411, it lacks the profile database that has. 

Alternate Job Boards

In addition to the truck driver specific job sites listed above, there are websites like Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired that have been around for years and have helped recruiters and truck drivers find work. These websites have an abundance of job opportunities, and they are more likely to attract new drivers who may not know about the trucking specific sites. 

Another benefit to generic job boards is that there are paid solutions available that can help to make your job postings stand out from the crowd. This could help to attract top talent. However, be sure to take into consideration that with the benefits of the paid offerings, there is also a downside that there are tons of other job postings that aren’t related to the truck driving industry. This could be distracting to job seekers and keep them from finding your posting.

Another form of truck driving recruiting websites are trucking forums. Forums create the possibility of networking with drivers and sharing companies they have previously worked with. Truckers Report is one of the more versatile websites and is well-known for its forum and job postings. 

So whether you’re a trucking company looking to post an open position or you’re a driver in search of a new job, there are tons of trucking job boards for you to choose from. In fact, it’s a good idea to peruse both the trucking specific sites and the alternate job boards to find as many opportunities as possible. And if you’re just starting out your trucking career, be sure to check out our truck driving school and kickstart your journey to being a truck driver today!