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Career Opportunities for Women in Trucking

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Career Opportunities for Women in Trucking

The transportation industry is an important part of our nation’s booming economy. But in recent years, there has been a massive shortage in the most important players in the game: the drivers. Trucking has almost always been a male-dominated industry but now, women truck drivers are being actively recruited by many major trucking companies, especially in this time of need. This all has been a major advancement for all women in the workforce, as the demand for all kinds of truck drivers (young, old, male, female) have allowed for higher pay overall and more of an opportunity for advancement.

One thing that is very exciting for women truck drivers is equal pay opportunities. The U.S. struggles with this a lot and it is not easy to find a career that can fairly pay a woman and value them as employees. But, especially since truck drivers are paid by miles and/or hours, a female truck driver’s salary is the same as a man’s. Some entry-level truck drivers can end up making $60,000 a year. Who wouldn’t love that?

Many women have not even considered working as a commercial truck driver, especially if they have children that are still dependent on them. However, women in trucking can still find ways to easily support their families. CDL Training Programs, like ours at Truck Driver Academy, can provide you with the experience that you need to find a trucking job at a company with great benefits. Many trucking companies provide some variation of medical, dental, retirement, life insurance, and a 401(k). Sometimes, this is just what women truckers need to balance their work and family life.

Female truck drivers have expressed that the key to being successful at their job is to stick to your schedule but still be flexible with your hours, stay up to date on your truck’s maintenance, keep a positive attitude, and to never forget self-care. Self-care would be acknowledging when you need to call quits for the day, make sure you are getting in your daily exercise and socializing, and maybe even to take advantage of the travel opportunities of the job. That’s one of the best parts!

Another important thing for women truck drivers to remember is to remain calm under stress. All kinds of thing can go wrong: dangerous weather conditions, unexpected delays, issues with cargo deliveries. During your CDL training, make a special effort to prepare for all of these scenarios. You’ll be better off in the long run.

Some industries are known for undervaluing a women’s work but the truck driving industry is not one of those. Even though only about 6% of truck drivers are female, the number is steadily rising. So many women truckers find happiness and success in this career. There are even women truck drivers who feel empowered by climbing through the ranks and taking on responsibility in this male-dominated industry.