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The Best Blue-Collar Career!

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The Best Blue-Collar Career!

I remember when I was a young man and finding a great job wasn’t that easy, especially if you didn’t go to college. I know college isn’t for everyone, so what options do you have if you decide not to go to college? Well there are some trades that are great paying BLUE-COLLAR CAREERS. I believe trucking is one of the best paying and quickest jobs to get started in.

Examples of some of the best companies with great benefits are:

McLane Food Service:
This company standout to me for several reasons such as company paid, class A training.

McLane will pay for your truck driving school and will also pay you to take your CDL classes at the trucking school. And that’s not all this company will train you until you are ready to go on your own. After your training, McLane drivers average 89K per year for 4 days of work, and over 100K for 5 days of work. Please keep in mind that companies have different requirements, so call for additional info.


Schneider National:
Schneider is another great example of a trucking company that is willing to pay for student training at a truck driving school to get your class A license. This company has a lot more options if you decide that staying local is not for you. Schneider is one of Americas largest trucking companies, with local regional and long-haul trucking. I personally think becoming an owner-operator is a great idea. Owner-operators basically own the truck and lease to the company, this is a great way to be a small business owner with the support of a large company. Owner-operators typically make a lot more than company drivers.


A Career in Truck Driving Is Also a Great Option for Women!

Women are more interested in trucking now more than ever and there is no difference for women or men in terms of pay, work hours, etc. Trucking companies do not distinguish between women and men all they want are responsible drivers. I highly encourage women to get into this field and to start by looking for the best truck driving school.


Choosing a Great Truck Driving School.

If you decide not to go to college, opt out for a truck driving school here are some of the things that you should be looking for:

  • Truck driving school reputation. Always look for the best rated schools, reviews are always a great way to see what past students are saying about their experience.
  • Trucking school accreditation, the best and responsible schools are accredited by the state.
  • 160-hour course that is required by trucking companies, the 160-hour certificate is very important.
  • Equipment, some truck driving schools do not have enough trucks for the students to train.
  • Quality of trucks, having enough trucks to train isn’t enough make sure the trucks are nice and clean.
  • Truck driving school with job placement, this is very important make sure the truck driving school is active in job placement with several employers.

Well now that you know a bit more, and you decided college isn’t your cup of tea, I highly recommend seeking out a career in trucking. I have listed a couple of companies but please keep in mind there are countless more that are looking for more drivers or owner-operators.

For more information about a career in truck driving, please contact us at Truck Driver Academy and ask about how you can enroll in our courses today!