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The Best Truck Stops in America

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The Best Truck Stops in America

The trucking industry is so massive and successful, that they’ve created an entire culture of their own. Every trucker has their favorite truck stops that is close to their heart for some reason or another and every trucker has visiting the Iowa 80 Truck Stop on their truck-it bucket list.

People who are just starting to get into the trucking culture don’t often think about truck stops and what the big deal is about them anyway. But, you’ll soon realize that you’d do anything for a truck stop with showers or that you go out of your way just to get to those awesome truck stops on I-10. Truck Driver Academy is going to give you a little preview as to why so many truckers are passionate about truck stops!

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

The famous Iowa 80 truck stop in Walcott, Iowa, is the world’s largest truck stop. This truck stop is four times larger than the average truck stop, taking up a whopping 220 acres, and serves an average of 5,000 customers a day. The world’s largest truck stop offers all kinds of amenities, including barber shops, cat scales, convenience stores, chiropractors, dentists, a museum, libraries, gift shops, laundromats, movie theatres, and more. You can find anything you could ever want here and more. This place has been called a small city for truckers, and for good reason.

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop even has annual trucker jamborees which feature antique truck displays, fireworks, carnival games, live country music, and over 175 fascinating exhibits. It’s like Disneyland for truckers!

Truck Stops On I-10

The Interstate 10 is a massive highway which stretches all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. It’s the southernmost and fourth-largest in the entire country and passes through major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles, Pheonix, Houston, New Orleans, and Tallahassee. Because it is such a major route, truck stops on I-10 tend to be plentiful, with the numbers of truck stops in the hundreds.

Truckers are never too far from truck stops with showers, oil changes, full-service restaurants, gas stations, and even convenience stores. Because of this, many truckers are excited about driving this route, along with the fact that they’ll have access to some of the most beautiful sights that our country has to offer. Easy tools like Truck Stop Guide are popular among truckers to find directions to specific truck stops and discover new ones.

A lot of people don’t realize that the life of a trucker can actually be very exciting. Aside from amusement park-like places like the Iowa 80 Truck Stop, truckers can also travel with friends, family, and their furry friends. It’s a flexible career with good hours, good pay, and a good time. If you’re considering taking a CDL training course, call Truck Driver Academy today at (909) 201-7600!