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Top Gifts for Truck Drivers 2022

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Top Gifts for Truck Drivers 2022

For many people who have chosen truck driving as a career, being a truck driver is more than just a job. It becomes who they are and helps mold a specific type of lifestyle truckers grow to love. This is why finding the perfect gifts for a truck driver in your life can be very special. Due to the long hours on the road, limited personal storage space, and being away from home for weeks (sometimes months) at a time, finding the best gifts for truck drivers can be challenging. But remember, the right truck driver gifts can make a big difference in the driver’s life, so putting the extra effort in will be well worth it.

To help you narrow down several of the best gifts for truckers, we have put together the following list of gift ideas for truck drivers. To keep things as affordable as possible (yet still meaningful), we left off larger items like portable refrigerators and cookers, and instead included practical everyday items that will help improve their overall comfort levels while out on the road. Also, if your truck driver already has some of the truck driver gifts listed below, don’t worry! It is very possible and often likely that they need a new one or can use more of the same.

Portable Diversion Safe

While out on the road, you never know what can happen so when it comes to protecting and hiding your valuables, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Help the truck driver in your life worry less about their valuables while they are away from their truck with a highly rated portable diversion safe like this one that looks like a dictionary. Given most portable safes are easily identified, if their truck gets broken into, the thief will just take the safe with all the valuables inside of it. However, if they use a safe that is disguised as something else, like this one, it will make it more difficult for a thief to pinpoint where the valuables are – thus adding another layer of protection.

Comfortable Seat Cushion

Although big rig seats are often made to be “comfortable” given the amount of time spent in the seat, most truck drivers will tell you there’s no such thing as too much padding. This is why a seat cushion made with optimal comfort and durability in mind is one of our top gifts for truckers. Based on ratings and reviews, this gel/memory foam seat cushion will likely make any trucker happy. If you want to get bonus points, add in a back cushion to help improve their lumbar support.

Compression Socks

When stationary or seated for long periods of time, the risk of blood clots becomes a real concern. A good pair of compression socks is a great way to mitigate some of this risk and help prevent blood clots from forming due to the long hours spent behind the wheel. Since there are many different brands available on the market, it can be tough to find the right pair. That said, make sure that the compression socks you choose are durable, anti-itch and sweat-wicking, and infused with copper ions like these. The health benefits and overall improved comfort of these compression socks will have any truck driver thankful to have received them every time they put them on.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses are often thought to be one of the best gifts for truck drivers. Not only will a good pair of polarized sunglasses protect your driver’s eyes and keep them safe, but they can also help prevent some road fatigue and migraines caused by glare. This is why nearly all truck drivers will tell you that a good pair of polarized sunglasses are essential for their job. There are many different styles of polarized sunglasses out there that will fit your trucker’s needs, but for reference, you should be looking for a pair like this that are durable, impact-resistant, and more stylish than many other brands (in our opinion).

Large Insulated Beverage Tumbler

Truck drivers often drive upwards of 5 hours before taking their first break of the day, which is why having a reliable insulated drink tumbler for their coffee (or other drink) is very important. A large tumbler like this one made by Stanley will help keep your truck driver hydrated without them having to make frequent stops to refill their drink. It will also keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Not only has Stanley been making quality products that are proven to stand the test of time, but this tumbler also comes with a handle for easy holding while driving – which many of the competitor products don’t.

Audible Subscription + Kindle E-reader

Spending most of your day driving for weeks or months at a time can sometimes start to get pretty repetitive and boring. However, a good audiobook can actually make the time pass quicker and allow the driver to be entertained in a non-distractive way. This is why an Audible subscription is one of the best gifts for a truck driver. An Audible subscription would allow them to choose from thousands of audiobooks of any genre of their choice to help keep them engaged and entertained.

If your truck driver loves to read during their down time and you really want some bonus points, you can also pair the Audible subscription gift with a Kindle E-reader. This would allow them to pick up where their audiobook leaves off and continue reading their books visually. Kindle’s are also better for truck drivers given they take up a minimal amount of space and one kindle can hold thousands of books.

Heavy Duty Phone Mount

When driving, being able to keep your eyes on the road while still having things like your navigation and radio in view is an essential part of driving safely and legally. This is why a heavy duty phone mount is a great gift ideas for truck drivers. However, not all car phone mounts are created equal. Since a ton of rattling can happen when on the road, be sure the mount you choose is heavy duty and made to withstand some turbulence. When looking at the top rated car phone mounts on Amazon, this model is at the top of the list. It has many different desired features and has the reviews to back it up, so if your driver already has a mount, one like this might be even better – making life on the road just a little bit easier.

Wireless Headsets

As you can imagine, being out on the road alone can get pretty lonely at times. A good way to combat this loneliness is to chat with your family and friends. A good hands-free wireless headset can make these conversations much easier to have. It would enable the driver to remain compliant with hands-free regulations while still being able to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and even customers. When it comes to choosing the right wireless headsets, you likely can’t go wrong. But to be safe, we would recommend choosing a headset that is made by the industry leaders, Blue Parrot. These headsets are specifically designed for truck drivers and offer various models equipped with essential features desired by truck drivers – such as single push activation, 95% noise cancellation, and a 24+ hour battery life. Not to mention, Blue Parrot headsets are comfortable, durable, and made for the unique lifestyle of a truck driver.

Now that you have a better idea of what the best gifts for truck drivers are, there is no way you can go wrong. The truck driver in your life is sure to be happy to receive any of the gifts for truckers found on this list. And remember, for many people who have chosen truck driving as a career, being a truck driver is more than just a job. The items listed above will likely make their life out on the road easier and more enjoyable, so don’t be afraid to purchase more than one for them. Given they help make the world go round, they deserve it!