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Top Truck Driver Interview Questions

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Top Truck Driver Interview Questions

If you’ve got an upcoming interview for a truck driver position, it’s important to prepare for the questions that your interviewer might ask you. So what are common truck driver interview questions? Below we’ll go through a list of the 6 most common truck driver job interview questions as well as questions that you should ask during your interview to get more information about the company and position.

What’s your experience as a truck driver?

Your interviewer will likely start the interview with this question or a similar general question. They’re giving you an opportunity to talk about your experience and prove why they should hire you. If you don’t have much or any experience as a driver, highlight other relevant experience where you demonstrated qualities that would make you a good driver (responsibility, reliability, safety, etc.).

Why did you choose to become a truck driver?

This one may or may not be asked, but it’s always good to prepare your answer just in case. There are tons of reasons why someone chooses to be a truck driver (freedom, independence, you just like driving, etc.). Whatever the reason is for you, make sure you have an answer. Not knowing your answer to this question is a red flag to the interviewer.

Describe a time when you were in an accident or encountered some other issue while driving. How did you handle the incident?

When trucking companies are coming up with truck driver interview questions to ask, they always come up with a version of this question. So, be honest! Accidents happen to everyone, and if you aren’t upfront about your accident history, the company will find out sooner or later.

When answering this question, focus on how you handled the accident. The interviewer is looking to find out how you deal with accidents and other safety situations and ensure you focus on following proper protocol, so make sure you go into detail about your response rather than just the details of the accident.

How do you feel about slip seating?

This question is dependent on whether the company uses a slip seating model, but if it does come up, explain that you are comfortable with this model and give examples of doing it in the past if you have some. Additionally, it’s helpful to bring up that you understand why a trucking company would employ this method and how you understand the benefits to the company.

Are you comfortable being away from home for extended periods of time?

When companies are deciding on questions to ask a truck driver during an interview, it’s common to focus on the lifestyle and ensure that the interviewee and their family is prepared for the truck driver lifestyle. If you don’t have any experience as a truck driver yet, make sure that you discuss with your family/spouse (where applicable) and make sure that they are aware that you might be gone for a week or more at a time.

This conversation with your family is important to have before going through the interview process, which is why it tends to come up in interviews. Trucking companies want to make sure that your new position won’t become an issue down the road and that everyone that’s affected by your trucker lifestyle is aware and onboard.

What do you enjoy doing in your time off?

This may seem like a silly, unrelated question, but the interviewer is really just looking to learn more about you. Tell them about your hobbies or things that you enjoy doing, but make sure to remember that you are talking to a potential future employer. While you may enjoy a drink or two in your downtime, try to think of some other activities to chat about in your interview.

Ask the Interviewer Questions

While it may seem like you’re in the hot seat during your interview, it’s important that you also take the opportunity to ask the interviewer questions. Learn more about the company, what they expect out of you, how they treat their drivers and their trucks, etc. It’s almost as if you’re interviewing them just as much as they’re interviewing you. If you see a red flag that concerns you about the company, ask more questions and then, of course, trust your gut.

Prepare Your Answers

While this isn’t a complete list of all the truck driver interview questions that might come your way, this list is definitely a good place to start. As you get ready for your interview, make sure you prepare your answers to these questions as they will likely come up. Also, it can be helpful to review current regulations and brush up on your truck driver training to ensure you’re prepared for any technical questions. Additionally, make sure you prepare questions to ask the interviewer as well. With all of this preparation, you’ll be sure to nail the interview and be hired for the job!