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Top Trucking Companies to Drive For

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Top Trucking Companies to Drive For

For people who have invested a lot of time and money into a commercial truck driving career, it’s always important to see some results, to see your hard work pay off. Of course, you’ll need some experience under your belt after taking your CDL training, so get that in any way you can. But still, after all the effort you put into this, you can’t help but beg the question, “what are the largest trucking companies in the United States and how well can I actually get paid?”

Before we get to the top trucking companies, and who has the highest pay, it’s important to acknowledge that some specific jobs are higher paid than others. For example, ice road truckers make the most out of any other commercial truck drivers, due to the extremely dangerous conditions that they work in. In just two months of seasonal work, some ice road truckers can make a whopping $250,000. The next highest-paid trucking job is as a tanker hauler, raking in at $70,000. That’s a massive pay gap, though it’s understandable.

That being said, there are still specific companies, usually the older trucking companies, that pay their employees more than most. Let’s bring out the top trucking companies in the US to work for.

Epes Transport

Epes Transport, our country’s leading transportation service, tops the list. They generally pay their drivers, on average, $40.35 an hour. Remember, not just anyone can walk in and be a driver for Epes. You need years of experience, skills, and killer references.

Acme Truck Line

Next up is Acme Truck Line. With a salary of about $82,892, the Acme Truck Line salary is among the highest salaries truck drivers earn in the world. That salary translates to roughly $39.85 an hour, which is nearly five and a half times the United States minimum wage.


In general, the old trucking companies vary in pay only slightly. Walmart still pays its drivers rather handsomely at $38.46 an hour.

Trimac Transportation

Another one of the largest trucking companies in the United States is Trimac Transportation. Specializing in bulk transportation, it’s no wonder that they’re able to pay their employees so handsomely. Their drivers can be paid up to $36.92 an hour, or $76,796 a year.

GP Transco

It’s not easy to make $75,000, or $36.06 an hour, but that’s just where GP Transco has its employees. Although it’s only in fifth place for the highest salaries, it has one of the best benefits packages out of all of the top trucking companies.

It’s a lot of long hours, sore legs, and homesickness, so it makes sense that pay for this particular job is so high. Commercial truck drivers are hard-working and able to withstand a lot of pressure. Although the nature of the job may sometimes be rigorous, the benefits make truck driving a highly attractive career path for many.

To start your truck driving journey, we recommend finding an accredited truck driving school. Truck Driver Academy can help you take the CDL written test, the commercial driving test as well as provide students with truck driver placement services. So, if you think you’re up to the challenge of driving for one of the largest trucking companies in the country and are dedicated to making the big bucks, contact us today!