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Trucking With Pets

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Trucking With Pets

The life of a truck driver, although exciting, can become quite lonely. Sometimes, music and phone calls to your loved ones are not enough to keep you company. That’s why many truckers choose to bring their furry little companions along with them. There are also many other benefits to pet-friendly trucking jobs. Truckers tend to drive safer, get in more exercise, and keep a routine when man’s best friend tags along. But before you start taking your pets on the road with you, make sure to research to find the trucking companies that allow pets and the best trucker dogs. Certain dogs might not be suited for a life on the road. And if your company does not allow for dogs, there are pet-friendly trucking jobs available. Knowing what is available can help you live the lifestyle you want for you and your furry friend!

Best Trucker Dogs

Dogs that need a lot of exercise, have short coats that don’t shed a lot, or who can’t handle extreme temperatures would not thrive on constant, long-distance drives. So, let’s find out which are the best dogs for truck drivers to have on the road.

Some of the best trucking dogs are those of advanced age. Whether an old-time family dog or a newly adopted, older dog, they are great roadside companions. They are already potty-trained, so they will require fewer bathroom breaks. Older dogs also require less exercise, since their days of chasing their tails and sprinting around a backyard are over. Long drives won’t bother them. They’ll be perfectly content just snoozing in the front row, curled up next to their best buddy, making them some of the best dogs for truck drivers. 

Trucking With Old Dogs

Some of the other best trucking dogs are the small, pudgy ones. Like older dogs, they too require less exercise. Even in a house, pups like Bulldogs or Basset Hounds will be perfectly fine snoozing the day away. Even tinier dogs, like Mini Dobermans, are great candidates as they are allowed in most motels. Although dogs like Pitbulls are great protectors and loyal companions, you’ll need to make PIT stops often to walk them and let them get the wiggles out.

When choosing between the best dogs for truck drivers, it’s also important to keep in mind where you will be traveling. If you’re headed to areas with higher temperatures, Pugs might not do so well. Whereas if you’re going somewhere with lower temperatures, Chihuahuas and Pomeranians would not have a very fun time because they would be too busy shivering their tails off to enjoy it!

Best Trucking Dogs Pugs

Trucking Companies that Allow Pets

There are a fair few trucking companies that allow pets and that can be a major factor in a trucker’s decision to work with them. However, most of them have some simple rules and requirements for truckers wishing to bring a pet along with them. These usually include:

  • Requiring a deposit from the driver, which will cover any damage done by the pet
  • Ensuring that the driver covers the cleaning fees
  • Proof of the pets’ vaccination

Pet-friendly trucking jobs typically publish their policies on their website, so we recommend regularly checking the page to be aware of any updates. Some of the most popular trucking companies that allow pets include:

  • Celadon Group
  • Crete Carrier
  • Covenant Transport
  • J.B. Hunt
  • Con-Way Truckload/XPO

Check with your current employer to understand the pet policy. The Covenant Transport pet policy is a great policy to check out to understand what is available. To find the best pet-friendly trucking jobs, a full list of pet-friendly trucking companies can be found here.

Believe it or not, 40% of truckers bring their pets along with them, whether they be dogs, cats, or even birds. Numerous studies have even shown that there are many psychological and productivity benefits to this. Pets provide comfort, security, and are a good excuse for some fresh air. The life of a trucker can be very stressful, but with your best friend snuggled up against you, it will all be okay. So what are you waiting for after finding out the best dogs for a truck driver? Go find your new furry trucking companion today!