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What is a Tanker Endorsement & How Do I Get One?

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What is a Tanker Endorsement & How Do I Get One?

Have you been in the trucking industry for a while and are now ready to advance your truck driving career? Although there are several ways to advance your career as a truck driver, getting a CDL tanker endorsement is a relatively easy way to expand your load-carrying options to include liquids of any kind. Having a tanker endorsement will not only allow you to transport liquids, but will also open up the opportunity for better-paying loads.

But what is a tanker endorsement, you ask?  In short, having a CDL tanker endorsement means that the driver is licensed and adequately prepared to transport large liquid loads. Furthermore, there are 2 main kinds of tanker endorsements available:

  • N Endorsement – required for drivers to haul liquids or gas over 1,000 gallons
  • X Endorsement – combines the traditional tanker endorsement (N Endorsement) with a hazmat endorsement

Obtaining a tanker endorsement is a significant step for truck drivers looking to diversify their qualifications and increase their earning potential. This endorsement enables drivers to handle a wider range of cargo, including sensitive and hazardous materials that require specialized knowledge and skills for safe transportation.

Tanker Endorsement Requirements

If you’re wondering how to get a tanker endorsement, just note that not everyone is automatically eligible. To be eligible to apply for a CDL tanker endorsement, you must first complete all over the following:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a valid US passport or residential status
  • If your CDL is from another state, you must first surrender the previous CDL and apply a new one for the applicable state
  • If you don’t have a CDL at all, you must apply and receive a valid CDL before applying for an endorsement
  • Pass an eye exam 
  • Take a current photo at the DMV
  • Pay any application and training fees
  • Complete and pass each of the tanker and hazardous material test separately before getting an endorsement
  • Hold a current Commercial Class B or Class A type license to add a CDL Tanker Endorsement too
  • Be able to complete and pass the HME knowledge test and apply for the Hazardous material endorsement

It’s important to highlight that gaining a CDL tanker endorsement involves more than just passing a test. It requires a commitment to understanding the complexities and responsibilities of transporting liquid and hazardous materials. This includes learning about the physics of liquid movement within a tank, the handling of emergency situations, and the environmental and safety regulations pertinent to liquid cargo.

Once all of the above has been addressed and completed, you will be eligible to apply for a CDL tanker endorsement.

How Much Does a Tanker Endorsement Cost? 

Now that you know what the tanker endorsement requirements are, it is time to go over how much it costs to get a tanker endorsement. Thankfully, CDL tanker endorsements are relatively inexpensive. If you already have your CDL, the additional endorsement costs range from $10 to $50 depending on the state you live in. Since price can vary from state to state, be sure to check with your state’s DMV for specific tank endorsement pricing and requirements.

This affordability makes the tanker endorsement an attractive option for many drivers looking to enhance their credentials without a significant financial burden. Moreover, investing in this endorsement can pay dividends by opening up new job opportunities that come with higher compensation and more challenging, engaging work.

Enhancing Your Career with a CDL Tanker Endorsement

 As a new or seasoned truck driver, simply knowing what a tanker endorsement is, what the requirements are to get one, how much it costs to get one, as well as the benefits of having one can help you set future goals and not stay content with your current career status. It will also help keep you motivated to get additional CDL endorsements so you can land better, high-paying truck driving jobs. Regardless of if you plan to get a CDL tanker endorsement right away or in the future, learning how to handle a liquid load is crucial in keeping you and others safe on the open road. If you are a new driver, consider getting as many endorsements as you can. Any added experience you bring to the table can open up better truck driving career opportunities down the road. 

Moreover, pursuing a CDL tanker endorsement reflects a driver’s dedication to professional growth and safety. It’s an acknowledgment of the complexities involved in transporting different types of cargo and a commitment to meeting the industry’s high standards. Additionally, the knowledge and skills acquired through the process of obtaining this endorsement are invaluable, equipping drivers with the expertise needed to navigate the challenges of the road confidently.