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7 CDL-Related Jobs That Aren’t Over-The-Road Trucking

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7 CDL-Related Jobs That Aren’t Over-The-Road Trucking

If you’re choosing a career in commercial truck driving, there are going to be plenty of nights that you spend away from home. Some people don’t mind this and even enjoy it. But it isn’t for everyone. However, there are a few related CDL license jobs that can get you back home to your family by the end of the day. Check out Truck Driver Academy’s top 10 home every night CDL jobs.

Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver, you might still have a lot of time on the road, but if you start early enough, you should be home by dinner. Almost every business has the need for delivery drivers, most commonly for transporting goods to other stores or locations. This could be a good local truck driving jobs, home every night, gig because there are countless industries to choose from. Grocery stores, medical supplies, even transporting new cars to their prospective dealerships, are in need of licensed drivers.

Bus Driver

Whether you choose to drive a school, transit, city, or tour bus, as a bus driver, you’ll never stray too far from home. There’s much more flexibility in terms of scheduling and routes, as a bus driver than your standard semi-truck-driving CDL jobs.

CDL Training Instructor

The student becomes the teacher. 

If you decide that you don’t quite enjoy the long hours on the road, why not teach people who do? There are plenty of truck driving schools, TDA included, who are looking for skilled, enthusiastic commercial truck driving instructors to join their team.

Highway Maintenance Technician

Commercial trucks break down all the time, and who better to repair them than the people who know how to drive and operate them? A highway maintenance technician typically requires a Class B CDL license and it can be a lot of work. But the pay is good and work can be very fulfilling. Perhaps this is the best home every night CDL job for you.


An important part of the entire commercial truck driving industry, a dispatcher is the connection between drivers and their companies, communicating with them through radio. They offer live updates and keep track of important information, the vehicles, and the equipment that he’s the whole show running smoothly. Such as the case with a highway maintenance technician, a dispatcher is one of those CDL jobs that require a license and a good understanding of the industry. 

Cement and Concrete Production

Driving a cement truck requires a CDL as well. On top of that, you may also get the opportunity to work with machinery and learn about a fascinating industry that is, quite literally, the basis of all our favorite places. A day in the life of a concrete production worker is never boring.

Terminal Manager

If you’re good at organizing, helping people get from A to B, and are generally good with managerial duties, you could succeed as a terminal manager. Their hours are more in line with the typical 9 to 5 and is one of our personal favorite home every night CDL jobs.

Where To Get Your CDL 

Truck Driver Academy is one of the top-rate CDL schools in all of California. Our hands-on training, education technique, and job placement process have earned us this reputation. To kick things into gear and start your new career, call Truck Driver Academy today!