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How To Get A Truck Driving License

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How To Get A Truck Driving License


We’ve already talked about how truck driving is a great way to start making the big bucks, but where do you even start?

Obviously, getting a truck driving license has to be step one. It seems pretty straightforward, but it’s definitely not easy. It requires a lot of practice, studying, and hands-on training. Luckily, your old friends at Truck Driver Academy are here to tell you how to get a truck driving license.

Step 1

The first step of any process is always the decision. What do you want? In this case, it’s time to decide what specific type of truck you want to drive. If you’re wanting to drive a semi-trailer (or simply, a semi) then you will need a Class A license. However, if you’d prefer driving a city, tourist, or school bus, you’ll need a Class B license. Think carefully and be firm in your decision, because it will influence how and where to get a truck driving license. Class A, B, and C licenses all require different things. That’s why this is the first step. It sets the foundation for your venture.

Step 2

Check out the truck driver requirements for your state. In California, these include being over 21 years old, passing a background check, passing an English language and comprehension exam, passing medical exams, and providing proof of citizenship or of lawful permanent residency. The medical exam covers a few items so check for DOT disqualifying medical conditions to better understand what issues you may have before seeing your doctor. If you meet all the requirements, you can head on over to your local DMV office that day and finally apply for a truck driving license.

Step 3

Next up: do some research and find a truck driving school that’s right for you. Getting a truck driving license is a long and intense process with a lot of learning and practice. It makes sense if you consider how highly paid the career is. So make sure to find a school with great reviews, job placement services, and well-structured courses. There are a fair few reputable CDL schools in Southern California that will professionally and thoroughly teach you how to become a trucker.

Step 4

After you’ve found your school, you’ll go through CDL training there. It will include learning how the vehicle works, the functions of all the parts of said vehicle, and how to maintain it in any circumstance. You’ll also study applicable laws and other information that will prove useful in your time as a commercial truck driver.

Step 5

Finally, after an intensive course, you’ll be ready to test your skills. There will be multiple truck driving exams that test your vision and knowledge. If all goes well, you’ll be issued a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP.) The waiting period is a minimum of two weeks before you can even schedule your final road skills and driving exam, but after that final exam, you’re in the clear. You will be a licensed Commercial Truck Driver!

Some people think that it’s a good idea to try and pursue your trucking drivers license yourself, but that can lead to an inconsistent and incomplete knowledge of, not only the vehicle and laws but the entire industry. So, by investing in a CDL school, you are investing in a more valuable, reputable, and industry-relevant education.

If you are wondering how to get a truck driving license in Fontana, check out Truck Driver Academy. We provide top-rated commercial driving education and hands-on experience. Call us today for more information!