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Can You Carry a Gun in a Commercial Vehicle?

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Can You Carry a Gun in a Commercial Vehicle?

When driving a commercial vehicle, you are faced with unexpected challenges, some of which are safety concerns. Truck drivers have reported incidents of robberies and hijackings, among other crimes. This is a great area of concern for CDL drivers because these stories on the news can be hard to ignore.

Understandably, drivers want to be able to protect themselves while they’re on the road, especially because they may be spending extended periods alone. Many drivers have difficulty finding a good parking spot and are sometimes forced to stay in unfamiliar, remote places at night. This would be worrisome for anyone. This often brings up the question of can a commercial driver carry a firearm.

Most truckers would feel more comfortable in these instances if they knew they had a weapon, preferably a firearm, with them in case of an emergency. So one of the first things new drivers look up when they are hired with a company is the D.O.T. regulations on weapons and can you carry a gun in a commercial vehicle. There’s not one straightforward answer to this inquiry; it is a very complex situation that many drivers find themselves in. Let’s explore the topic.

Are Truckers Allowed To Carry Guns Across State Lines?

In December of 2017, the House of Representatives approved a bill called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act. As a result, truck drivers’ concealed carry permits will be valid in all states, as long as the trucker maintains the required documents at all times. This bill has made it easier for truck drivers to protect themselves and to feel safe in situations that they otherwise wouldn’t be.

Can You Carry A Gun In A Commercial Vehicle?

Although the federal government does not have a law against carrying a concealed weapon in a commercial vehicle, drivers still must obey local laws. Laws for concealed carry for CDL drivers are much like any other profession. Each state has its own D.O.T. regulations on weapons but not all of them allow firearms. As is the case with buying a weapon everywhere, background checks and permits must be obtained before moving forward with the purchase. If a driver’s request to obtain a firearm is denied, keeping something like a baseball bat in their truck is a common alternative. But baseball bats are not a worthy adversary of a gun.

Trucking companies understand why so many truckers want to know, “Can you carry a gun in a commercial vehicle?” Unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of industries, there are a lot of rules and regulations regarding weapons and a person’s’ right to carry. Some trucking companies even forbid their drivers to carry weapons altogether. At times, this web of laws from trucking companies, individual states, and the federal government make it difficult for a trucker to legally carry guns with them, especially when they are taking routes that cross several state lines.

It makes sense that a lot of truckers will prioritize their safety over a higher salary at a certain company. Sometimes, giving up your right to carrying a concealed weapon in a commercial vehicle and protect yourself from not-too-uncommon violence is a dealbreaker. At the end of the day, driver safety is more important.